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Outside Looking In

Why is large paper on the walls in the church? Where did the large wooden crosses go? Come to church motivated on Sunday to find out! If you will be watching on-line, you may want to print message notes for your use on Sunday.

What do those on the outside see when they look at us?

Who does Jesus want to see saved?
Why does the Bible tell us to be an example or a witness?

How are we to go about spreading the gospel?

Where can we find those we are meant to help?

When is the best time to step in or speak up?

Join us on Sunday morning as we learn how to pray for others in our new sermon series: Outside Looking In.

Wednesday nights we will be looking into Heroines of the Bible. Bring your Bible for our adult study of women and their role in the scriptures held in the sanctuary. We will start with the the book of Esther, the woman who saved a nation.

What great women of the Bible have you been wanting to learn more about?

Programs for children and teens are available during this time in other parts of the church.


You may find videos of past messages on  Facebook or YouTube.  If you would like to print/download message notes, we have Sunday sermons available for up to 3 months after the date of sermon.

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